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With offices in Minneapolis and Chicago, the law firm of Halunen Law represents consumers and combats large corporations and institutions by offering highly experienced legal representation primarily in matters related to deceptive advertising, government fraud, product defects, and consumer rights generally.

Members of our firm regularly speak locally, regionally, and nationally in their respective legal fields. Our dedicated and enthusiastic staff members are also integral to our team. Together we work to achieve the best result possible for our clients.


<a href="http://www.halunenlaw.com/our-team/clayton-d-halunen/">Clayton D. Halunen</a>

Clayton D. Halunen

<a href="http://www.halunenlaw.com/our-team/susan-m-coler/">Susan M. Coler</a>

Susan M. Coler

<a href="http://www.halunenlaw.com/our-team/barbara-j-felt/">Barbara J. Felt</a>

Barbara J. Felt

<a href="http://www.halunenlaw.com/our-team/jacob-frey/">Jacob L. Frey</a>

Jacob L. Frey

<a href="http://www.halunenlaw.com/our-team/michael-a-johnson/">Michael A. Johnson</a>

Michael A. Johnson

<a href="http://www.halunenlaw.com/our-team/ross-d-stadheim/">Ross D. Stadheim</a>

Ross D. Stadheim

<a href="http://www.halunenlaw.com/our-team/melissa-w-wolchansky/">Melissa W. Wolchansky</a>

Melissa W. Wolchansky


<a href="http://www.halunenlaw.com/our-team/karl-breitbarth/">Karl Breitbarth</a>

Karl Breitbarth

<a href="http://www.halunenlaw.com/our-team/cecilia-mazique/">Cecilia Mazique</a>

Cecilia Mazique

<a href="http://www.halunenlaw.com/our-team/maria-nguyen/">Maria Nguyen</a>

Maria Nguyen

<a href="http://www.halunenlaw.com/our-team/nathaniel-smith/">Nathaniel Smith</a>

Nathaniel Smith

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